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Merlin Review S1 Episode 1-4

Hello, everyone, todays blog post is our review on the hit show Merlin, Season 1: Episode 1-4. We are going to keep you guys updated on more posts and reviews throughout all of the Seasons, so stay tuned for some more great posts and reviews.

Merlin Season 1: Episode 1

In the beginning of Episode 1, the main character, Merlin is coming into Camelot where Uther Pendragon is holding an Execution for Mary Collins's son, Thomas Collins, for the practice of sorcery. Which in turn, she curses Uther and then vanishes with the use of Magic. After this took place, Merlin goes to meet Gaius. When Merlin walks into Gaius's home he startles Gaius and breaks the banister falling 6ft down. Merlin reacts quickly by slowing down time and moving the bed to catch Gaius. Immediately, Gaius notices Merlin's gift and in the state of shock Gauis lashes out at Merlin. Asking him who, what, where, and how he did that, until Merlin states that he was born with the gift and has not learned or been taught it. He asked of his identity, in which Merlin replys that he is  Hunith's son. He calmed, pointing Merlin to his room and thanked him for saving his life. 

In the next scene, Lady Helen is getting ready for bed in her tent when a strange noise startles her  immediately she calls for Gregory (a knight of Camelot), as he enters she ask is all well, he lets her know that all is well and that with luck they should be arriving in Camelot late tomorrow. As she continues to get ready a loud growls alerts the attention of the knights forcing them to check it out, with this distraction Mary Collins sneaks into the tent and kills Lady Helen and after uses a glamour spell to take her form

The next morning, before Merlin awakes, a voice calls out to him. Almost as if it wants him to come and find where its voice is coming from. When he awakes, he is offered breakfast from Gaius. While sitting at the table together, Gauis drops a bucket of water to test Merlin's gift. Merlin freezes time, stopping the bucket from falling. Gauis goes into shock once again, asking how it was done. Merlin explains that it's a reaction. Gauis's kind hearted soul, explains to Merlin that he will be working for him until they can get Merlin's gift under control. He then sends Merlin on his way to deliver medicine to two occupants in the castle. But, before Merlin leaves, he warns him that the use of Magic can cost a persons life if they are caught using it.

Character Update/ High Lighted Character 

Mary Collins 
Other Names:Lady Helen of Mora (in disguise) 
Race: Human/Witch 
                                                      Gender: Female 
                                                      Family: Thomas Collin (son)

From here down i will show you my three favorite parts of Episode 1. 


"You took my son, and i warn you before these celebrations are over you will share my tears, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a son for a son!" 

these where the words Mary Collin said to Uther Pendragon when he took the life of her son Thomas Collin for the practice of Sorcery/Magic. 

Here you see Mary Collins disguised as Lady Helen who was killed earlier in the episode in her tent using a poppet .These are the lyrics to the song she sang, according to my research the song is originally song in welsh so there for there isn't a true translation to it but this come really really close if you listen to her song and read these lyrics at the same time you'll see what i mean 

lovely night has come to us 
lovely night, soft and dark 
the lovely night the ends 
a long and hard,weary day
so rest...

lay your body down
forget your life
spiders of the night come, spin your silky webs
spiders of the night come bind, them in their sleep now
spiders of the night, spin!

wrapped in your shroud 
dead to the world...
just like my son: 


After her song Mary Collins attempts to kill Arthur but is soon stopped by merlin who drops a chandelier on her. but, even that wasn't enough she summons the strength to throw the knife at Arthur, merlin and his skills saves him and Uther then makes him Arthur's man servant 

Merlin Season 1 Episode 2
In this episode you see the Valiant, a faithful and honorable knight, coming to play in the tournaments  before getting to Camelot Valiant purchased a magical shied in which to use in the tournaments  Only Merlin and his great gifts can change the fate of what happens next.

Other names: Knight Valiant, Sir Knight Valiant
Race: Human
Gender: Male

"Knight Valiant Of the western isles my lord"

these where the words that Valiant said to Uther Pendragon when he introduced himself.

In the beginning of  episode 2
 Valiant acquired a Magical Shied to use in the tournaments, by a sorcerer named .... to me i say hes a brave man to be walking into Camelot with a magical shield knowing well aware that Uther forbids it and will execute anyone with out thought. 

Here you see when merlin brings the snakes on Valiant shield to life, once done everyone in Camelot seen Valiant for the knight he truly is, Valiant then tries to kill Arthur but his try is fails for the mighty Prince Arthur shall fall to no man, for his greatness will be seen threw out all of Camelot and all of ambian,......

Merlin Season 1 Episodes 3-4

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Hey Merlin fans, and welcome to World Of Merlin a blog and reviews of the new hit show Merlin,
We will be taking you throughout all the Seasons so far and giving you readers our review on the Show so stick around for some great post's.

below you will see the main characters of the show they are the stars the wow in the pow actors who's your favorite actor let us know, also let us know if there's anything we can do to make your reading more enjoyable feel free to let us know.

Other Names: Emrys,Young Warlock, The most powerful Warlock to ever live.
                                                      Race: Warlock 
                                                      Parents:  Hunith (Mother)


Arthur Pendragon 

Other Names:Prince Arthur,My Lord,Sire,The once and future king of Camelot.

                                                      Parents: Uther Pendragon (father) Ygraine Pendragon (mother)

Morgana Pendragon                
Other Names:Lady Morgana, Kings Ward, My Lady.

Race: Human/ Witch

Other Names: Gwen


Parents:Thomas (father)

Other Names: Court Physician 

Race: Human/Warlock

Family: Hunith (sister) Merlin (Nephew/Ward)

Uther Pendragon 

Other Names: King Uther,Your Majesty,My Lord,Father,Stupid arrogant tyrant.


Family: Ygraine Pendragon,Arthur Pendragon,Morgana Pendragon (ward).

Other Names: The Great Dragon